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treatments that work


Over the years, we have chased termites around homes in the hope that we will get them all. In 1995, Premise, the first promising product hit the ground and in 2000, Termador came on the market. Both products produce elimination over time if properly applied. Both act in a different way but seem to deliver the same results. Termador offers the latest in technology which is really proving to be a strong leader in the field. When we treat the termites they go away!!! Call today for your Termite needs 1 year on spot treatments! Even though Termador isn't considered a low impact product I take great care in treating your home and only treat area of Termite invasion. I look forward to serving your needs!

There is now a low impact product for Termites! Altriset will soon become the leader in Termite Control! Spot treatments come with a 1 year warranty! Check out the Label for this product under my MSDS and Labels tab!