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Flea Treatment to do and Warranty

Flea Treatment To Do And Warranty Coverage

Fleas can be very difficult to get rid of. There are several things that you must do to insure that what I do will work. First you must make sure your floors are clean of stuff so that I may spray as much of the floors as possible. I will also spray your tile floors as well. After spraying all your floors I will then place bombs through out your house, which will help me in getting to the hidden areas that my spray might not be able to get to. You and your pets must then leave the house for 2-4 hours. For the next two weeks you must vacuum your carpet everyday and if it is a bag type cleaner you will have to empty the bag everyday as well. This is very important in the process of ridding your home of fleas. Most importantly you MUST treat your pets at the same time we are treating your home. If any of these things are not done it can void your warranty. If we treat the inside of your home and do not treat the outside then your warranty is limited due to exposure of your pet to possible flea infestation.

When treating your fleas I put a growth regulator in the solution, which will help in the hatching of the eggs in about two weeks. Should you experience any rehatching be sure and call me so I may come back out and retreat the inside of your home. Very rarely do I have to retreat the outside. Most of the time if retreatment is necessary it is usually on the inside of your home because of all the hidden areas inside your home. If retreatment is necessary it will be of no charge to you if it happens during the warranty period unless you have voided warranty by not following the guidelines.

To get rid of your fleas it is very important that you follow these simple guidelines so that you and your family may return to a flea free environment. I want to thank you again for using Southern Quality Organic Pest Control and look forward to serving you again.

Michael Nutt